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I Got A Feeling

"Please be careful, I think he's a bad person."
"How do you know that?" I asked my friend, with full of curiousity.
"I got a feeling, from the first time I saw him," she answered.

It was the conversation between my friend and I, that night. We both don't know him. But she got a bad feeling about him, and I didn't. I need more 'data' to convince me. Ever heard about phrase "let the time answer"? Blah.

I didn't feel like I gotta worry, like she did. But she had a reason that she can't explain. We can't judge people just by their look, right? Oh, please.

Guess what? She was right, I can tell. I mean, he did something bad. He crossed the line.

Then, my question could you know when your instinct is worth to be followed? Can it be called 'instinct'? Yea, that voice which come to your head for a sudden.

I know, as a human, we're part of universe. That's why it's possible to communicate, if we …