Just Don't Believe What They Say

"Sometimes you need to be deaf."

Maybe that quote is quite true. Some people just say what they want to, without thinking what the impact of their saying. As a human, who has mind and feeling, I think we need to think first every words we speak. Whether those words will hurt others' feeling or not. 

I know there is a law that allow you to freely speak your opinion, called human right. But... really? You need to read the law again. You are allowed to freely speak your opinion as long as you can be responsible for it.

They don't even know the beauty of differences that created by Allah. I have these things, you have those things. Just because I don't have yours, doesn't mean I'm not normal. I prefer to call it uniqueness. 

You know what? Just don't believe what they say. Because they can be wrong. Don't let negativity fullfil your mind and make you think that you are what they said. No! Take a mirror, stare at it, smile and say "I'm awesome in my own way".

Build yourself, then let them see who you truly are.


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